Virtual office spaces that increase productivity

Jumbo creates customized virtual office experiences with branded meeting spaces, collaboration rooms, and training video archives.

It’s time to find a permanent home for your remote work space. Zoom meetings have worked up to this point, but as remote work becomes the norm, a virtual office space from Jumbo can revolutionize your remote work experience.  Jumbo creates branded digital meeting spaces that increase productivity and collaboration. Fully integrate virtual board rooms, coworking spaces, file sharing, chat, and employee engagement monitoring.

Jumbo is your new favorite collaboration software.

Powerful Virtual Collaboration Tools

With Jumbo, your employees can log into a fully functional virtual office space on a custom domain. Branded meeting rooms ensure that your new digital environment will look professional and bespoke. Not only will your virtual office look top-notch, but your employees will also be motivated to work responsibly, as you have the ability to monitor their engagement throughout the day. Invite users from outside your organization for business meetings or interviews and wow them with your virtual office. File-sharing and quick conversations have never been easier with custom breakout rooms.

What Makes Jumbo Different?

The natural collaboration of a true office environment can’t be replicated by a bundle of Zooms and Google Drive folders. That’s because those tools weren’t built with your specific business in mind. Consider Jumbo the architect of your virtual office environment. We’ll build custom tools, layouts, and designs to match your one-of-a-kind office culture. Our client success team will always be ready to answer the phone with a smile to solve any issues or requests you may have. You decide what you want for your office, and our designers and developers make it happen.

Custom Pricing

From small startups to large enterprise companies, Jumbo is an accessible service for any business that truly values teamwork.  Monthly licenses start at just $999. Set up a personal consultation with our production team so we can discuss your needs and come up with a personalized price for what you and your business needs. The investment you make in Jumbo will pay dividends with increased productivity, a prouder employee base, and collaboration like you haven’t seen in a year.

Sally planned a virtual fundraiser
Keith planned a virtual luncheon

Your business is ready for a change. Start creating your virtual office space today.

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