24/7 online TV channels for enterprise brands

Jumbo’s powerful streaming software makes VOD and online TV easy and effective

By equipping your brand with an online TV channel, you provide your audience with round the clock engaging content. Broadcast promotional deals, educational content, original programming, and more. This extends the lifespan of your video content to get the most bang for your buck.

Jumbo online TV channels are perfect for retail, hospitals, commercial properties, and more.

Create Linear or VOD Online TV

Extend the value of your video content. Upload your videos to our easy-to-use platform, or link to pre-existing content on Vimeo. Our simple scheduler allows you to determine when your content broadcasts. Or, allow users to log into the platform and select their content from a Netflix-style library for video-on-demand (VOD). Connect an RTMP feed for live, commercial quality broadcasts.

Deliver to Your Audience

Users can easily login from any device or screen, allowing you to broadcast your TV channel into your physical locations. Stream to third-party players, mobile apps, or OTT platforms. Embed the channel into your website to easily provide your audience with engaging content 24 hours a day.

Engage and Interact

Your audience doesn’t just passively consume the content. Live chat, user profiles, virtual community lounges, polls, and trivia make your online TV channel a fully functional community hub. View insightful user data to help strategically plan new content. Send email notifications alerting your audience of upcoming live streams.

Megan, created an online TV channel for an opera house
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Grab your audience’s attention with a Jumbo online TV channel

Don’t waste a single opportunity to tell your brand’s story. Build your live linear or VOD web TV channel with Jumbo today.