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Meet Jumbo, a flexible streaming platform for enterprise users.

Jumbo creates tailor made live streaming platforms that manage registration, broadcasting, viewer engagement, and video archives. A Jumbo platform will eliminate the stress of live online broadcasting and give your audience content they’ll love.

Jumbo is the best streaming software for conferences, festivals, concerts, seminars, summits, and more.

Live Stream Features

Enjoy free or paid registration, email notifications to your audience when you go live, audience chat, polls, trivia, and breakout rooms. All from a custom branded platform on your own .com domain.

Why Jumbo?

When you stream to YouTube or Zoom, you are renting their platform. Wouldn’t you rather have your own platform where you make the rules and you get all the benefits? Jumbo is your full service partner in producing perfect content. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Flexible Pricing

Jumbo platforms are affordably priced to bring your vision to life. Packages start at just $999 a month for recurring usage, and $8,000 for one time usage. For custom live streaming pricing, including full service remote production, contact us.

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