A Learning Management System that optimizes the training process

Meet Jumbo, an LMS software that creates tailored training for enterprise teams.

Jumbo wants to help you make your team as productive and efficient as possible. By building customized LMS software, Jumbo creates a platform that empowers your team through fundamental training courses and tracking CE credits. With software that monitors employee completion rates, branded one-to-one spaces for specialized training, and the ability to upload complex multimedia content, Jumbo’s learning management software has it all. 

A Jumbo Learning Management System is your new go-to tool to create and deliver customized training courses to a widespread audience.

Powerful Learning Management Software Solution

With your Jumbo learning management system, employees train from a custom domain. Segmented training makes navigating assigned videos easy. House up to thousands of hours of training content. Encourage success and scholarship among your employees by giving them a branded, sleek virtual training environment. Automatically track learning credits to accurately reward your team for development.

What Makes Jumbo LMS Special

Run-of-the-mill LMS platforms lack the customization and branding to build buy-in with your team. Generic online tools make it impossible to represent your unique brand. Jumbo is a fully customizable tool that ensures your team members have an effective learning experience. Jumbo will build a platform that is catered specifically to you. With employee monitoring capabilities, multimedia content support, and automated certificates that award your hard-working staff members, Jumbo has it all. You decide what your company needs, and Jumbo makes it happen.

Custom Pricing

Jumbo is an accessible tool for businesses of any size. Monthly licenses start at just $999. By setting up a free consultation with our team, we'll be able to find a price that is fully customized to your company's needs. An investment in Jumbo is an investment in your increasing development and operational excellence.

It’s time to optimize your training process. Start creating your Learning Management System today.

Say goodbye to the days of unengaged team members sludging through your trainings. Get in touch with us today to schedule a free consultation.