Jumbo for Good

What we believe in

We believe that organizations that strive to change the world for the better deserve to have access to cutting-edge technology and dedicated event tech professionals that can help make the fundraising process more effective than ever before. 

We’re here to help you increase your donations, not to take a chunk from them. Your donors and donations are yours and yours only; you can trust that Jumbo won’t touch a cent. 

Why Jumbo?

White-glove service

Jumbo's legendary production team, plus our infinitely-customizable platform, will bring your virtual and hybrid event vision to life stress-free.

Engage your donors

Donations are tracked and celebrated in real-time thanks to our FundraiseUp integration.

Exceed your targets

Hybrid events increase donations by up to 67% over solely in person.

Lowest fees

Jumbo + FundraiseUp provide flat 2.75% payment processing fees, the lowest in the industry. We've checked!

Jumbo for Good Grant

While we make a point to offer our best-in-class technology and service at an affordable price point, we understand that nonprofits don’t always have the same access to funds as bigger businesses. The Jumbo for Good grant was created for charities and nonprofits that need a little extra help funding their virtual or hybrid event.

Apply for a Grant

Our Impact

At Jumbo, we create visually stunning and user-friendly virtual platforms that empower charities and nonprofits to increase donations, wow their attendees, and boost their reach beyond their local community.

Last year, our Jumbo for Good clients raised over $5 million in donations through their Jumbo platforms, and this year, we want to raise even more. That’s why we partnered with Fundraise Up to offer an exclusive 30% lower platform fee to ensure that you can host engaging, memorable fundraisers that will blow past your donation goals.

Take It From Our Customers

Roof Above

Roof Above believes that every person deserves the safety, stability, and dignity of home. Through an intentionality about getting the right people involved and we move towards effective action. They aim to unite the community to end homelessness, one life at a time.

Augustine Literacy Project

The mission of the Augustine Literacy Project – Charlotte (ALP) is to improve the reading, writing, and spelling skills of young, aspiring readers in under-resourced communities by providing free, long-term, one-on-one instruction from highly trained tutors.

Sally planned a virtual fundraiser
Keith planned a virtual luncheon

Change the way you fundraise and join the group that has already boosted their reach, revenue and impact with Jumbo for Good!