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Jumbo builds stunning community-enabled video platforms that allow creators to educate, engage, and entertain their audience.

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Virtual Events S*ck ...

But They Don't Have To. Find the answers to this question and more in our ebook "Virtual Events S*ck: A Manifesto."

Custom Technology

Using Zoom or YouTube is like renting an apartment. Instead, we're building you a home. Select your features, set your ticket prices, interact with your audience, and take ownership of your live stream event.

White Glove Service

We're not a platform. We're a partner. A team of live web producers, show runners, and technical directors based in the United States and Canada make your event day worry free. You're never on your own with Jumbo.

Enterprise Ready

This isn't for dinky happy hours or boring webinars. Jumbo is equipped to execute on high-level projects. That's why business leaders in sports, entertainment, healthcare, and international conferences choose Jumbo.
Keep it simple.
Jumbo platforms are modern, easy to use, and visually appealing. You'll broadcast from your own custom domain ( Host simultaneous streams, video archives, multimedia content, pre-recorded video, and more. All from a mobile optimized, cloud-based platform that looks great on any device.

Cash in on your event

. Jumbo fully supports paid ticketing, VIP content, merchandise sales, and financial donations. Integrate directly with Square, Stripe, Shopify, and many more to make monetizing your event easier than ever.

Host interactive streams.

Viewers don't want to passively consume content. Jumbo allows audiences to become part of the action. Experience live reactions, user profiles, watch parties, breakouts, Q&A, live chat, interactive polls and games, and more.

Provide value to your sponsors.

Provide assets that your sponsors will actually love. Create virtual expo booths, visitor check-ins, and broadcast in-app ads. Leverage our team to build imaginative custom sponsor integrations
Client Success

We take each project personally.

All Jumbo live stream events have a dedicated client success specialist who hears your vision and translates your goals into event day success.

Raise the bar with pristine audio and video.

Jumbo provides remote production support that significantly improves the broadcast quality of your broadcasts. From editing video to producing full shoots, our Emmy Award winning team does whatever it takes to wow you.
Control room

Our web production team is based in the US and Canada.

Jumbo web producers are with you every minute of event day. They'll be switching your video, screening guests, balancing audio, moderating live chat, and running graphics. We offer full phone and email support for thousands of viewers at a time.

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Full-service remote event production.

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Jumbo enables enterprise organizations to produce premium live stream events for thousands of viewers.
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  • Sports and entertainment streaming platforms. Entertain audiences with interactive video archives.
  • Online symposiums and conferences. Sell tickets, host breakout rooms, and network.
  • Telehealth and remote healthcare. Connect with patients in a secure digital environment.
  • Religious institutions and houses of worship. Deepen faith with live broadcasts, giving, and sermon libraries.
  • And much, much more. 24/7 live stream channels, video training systems, and remote offices all use Jumbo.
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Full-service remote event production.

For your conference, workshop, continuing education, seminar, and more. Sign up now for a free demo and consultation.
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